Meet our Team

meet our team

our team

Kara & Emma — Treatment Coordinators: Kara has been the first person you meet in our office. She helps you from your first call to the time your treatment is started and beyond. She assures great communication with your dentist or with other dental specialists. Kara will be moving on to attend dental hygiene school next fall. Emma has joined our staff and has been “learning the ropes” next to Kara so there is a smooth transition.

Vanessa — Business Assistant: Vanessa will be working to provide you a payment arrangement that works and is as convenient as possible. She can set up auto-payments of several types. Vanessa is an expert at assuring that your dental and orthodontic insurance lives up to its full commitment to you.

Susan & Cari — Clinical Assistants: These two pros combine for well over thirty years experience in orthodontic assisting. They work with Dr. Bruno to assure your treatment goes as smoothly as possible.

Sarah — Bookkeeper: Sarah is Dr. Bruno’s wife and manages the accounts payable in the office. She also teams with the rest of the staff in planning special events.

Dr. Bruno’s team is committed to helping you smile long before the braces come off. Everyone on the team picks up part of the effort to assure a great experience. Our treatment coordinator will guide you from first contact through the start of your treatment. The business assistant will make sure you have financial arrangements that work for you and see that you receive the full benefit of any insurance coverage. Our clinical staff is highly experienced and great at assisting Dr. B, who will see you at all visits. Dr. Bruno's personal attention at every visit is one of the things that sets our office apart from those where assistants are often the only ones to see patients.

Having an in-house laboratory to make retainers and other appliances results in convenience and comfort.

The final and most important member of our team is you; and we know you’ll do your part to assure a great result!