Mission Impossible

Multidisciplinary care for complex, long-standing dental problems

Does your dental problem seem unsolvable? Has it been deteriorating for many years or has it become suddenly worse?

You might be excited to find that solutions exist to restore your smile and your oral health even after years of frustration. Missing teeth, unsightly embarrassing teeth, excessively worn teeth, continuous breakage of fillings or crowns, and many other problems can be addressed through cooperation between the orthodontist and your dentist.

Dr. Bruno practiced restorative dentistry for 17 years prior to his orthodontic training. This gives him insight into the needs of the restorative dentist in planning and carrying out treatment that requires staging and cooperation. Treatment can be kept as short as possible by establishing a clear understanding between you, your dentist, and Dr. Bruno regarding the goals of your care and the path to achieving those goals.

Sometimes other dental specialists are required. The role of the orthodontist on your team is to put the teeth in positions where the restorative dentist can do his or her best work. Doing so in the shortest practical time is part of the challenge and is always a consideration.

Dr. Bruno is a member of the Chico Dental Study Group. This is a group of dentists and dental specialists who meet regularly to discuss and plan treatment for complicated cases. The disciplines of dentistry, orthodontics, periodontics (gum specialty), endodontics (root canal specialty), and oral surgery are all represented in the discussion and planning. The discussions are always lively, productive, and highly valuable for enhancing our understanding of one another’s needs in developing the best plan for your care.

If you have been living with teeth that make you unhappy, a solution exists. Call today and schedule a complimentary examination.