Brushing and Flossing

brushing and flossing

A great looking smile starts with great oral hygiene habits. Follow the 3 simple steps listed here!

Step 1: Tooth Brushing

Start the tooth brush on the last tooth in the back and work methodically around so no areas are missed. Angle the bristles. The motion should be a circular scrubbing motion and must be vigorous with a manual both upward and downward (see photos #1 and #2 below) in each area to clean thoroughly around the brackets, especially at the gumline brush.  If an electric brush is used, firm pressure needs to be used to insure adequate plaque removal.

Step 2: Clean between the teeth

Floss or otherwise clean between the teeth.  We usually use only one of several different tools for this depending on age, ability and the shape of the teeth and gums.  The tools include: Proxabrush™, floss threaders, Superfloss™,  FlossPro™ (available online at and Platypus™ flossers (available online at We will make a suggestion for you but feel free to experiment with what works best for you.

Step 3: Use the right rinse.

ACT Total Care™ has ingredients for both cavity prevention and help with plaque and gingivitis.  Use as directed on the bottle after every brushing and especially at bedtime.  Substituting others may work but you must insure that it has both fluoride for cavity protection and antiplaque activity.  ACT Total Care™ is a great choice.

Brushing Brushing
Brushing Brushing Brushing Brushing